How CurveRack works

Now that you know all this great stuff about CurveRack and all you can enjoy by becoming a member of this revolutionary community, we are certain you must be curious to learn everything you can about how CurveRack works. Here is everything you need to know about the CurveRack process First, you sign up to become a member and we collect all the necessary information from you to facilitate your registration. This information remains confidential and is only used for official purposes. If you have items in your closet you wish to sell off, we inspect them and ensure they are in good condition before they can be put up for sale. As soon as a buyer indicates interest in your fashion items and starts the process of making a purchase, we verify their financial information and handle the processing of payments so that our esteemed sellers do not have cause for concern about getting scammed. After customers receive the goods and verify that it meets their expectations, we then release payment to the vendor and so the cycle continues. As a buyer, simply browse through our wide selection of thrifted plus size fashion, choose whatever items you like, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. In no time you will receive your order and you can begin to rock your vibrant and beautiful new outfits with confidence.