CurveRack is a resale platform borne from a dream to make beautiful, comfortable and practical clothing easily available to plus sized individuals around the world with no judgement. In addition to our love of fashion, we started this because in a world where bigger people struggle to find outfits that make them feel beautiful and presentable, there is quite a shortage of platforms to purchase outfits that flatter your frame and are actually affordable.

Because we want all of our community of users to look amazing irrespective of the size, we decided to create a platform where anyone can  could put up outfits from their plus sized closets for the benefit of others and make some money as well.

CurveRack does so much more than connect you with a source of passive income. Our mission is to bridge the gap of people with fun and creative personalities who just happen to be plus sized and a world of endless possibilities when it comes to showing off your personality with your fashion choices.

At CurveRack, we believe you deserve to look good and who better to give you the right clothes and accessories than other plus sized people can give you access to tried and tested outfits from every day basics to active wear and formal attire, we’ve got you covered

CurveRack is committed to building a community of truly amazing confident fashionista’s that share items at undoubtedly good prices all in vibrant and beautiful styles that make you stand out. We are constantly available for round the clock support to address whatever concerns you may have and we offer exciting benefits for everyone both purchasers and sellers alike, not to mention all of the amazing offers we have and our constantly reliable service. We want all our users to get on the latest trends in fashion and style as you cleanse your closet of stuff you don’t use and welcome pieces that will fast become part of your everyday looks that will keep you coming back for more.

CurveRack was created to change the way you shop as we built this platform after realizing the need to take the leap and start a fashion revolution ourselves. We live for fashionable plus sized beauties and CurveRacks is here to share that love and passion with you. New and vintage items are added from different closets every day and our users remain our inspiration for growth and improving the site every day so it continues to serve our curvy community to the fullest.  As more brands invest in making plus sized clothing, CurveRack does its part to make them available to you wherever you are by encouraging more fashion forward curvy people to share their closets with you online.

We value all our users and we love to hear back from you on ways we can make the platform better and more suited to helping you find the perfect fit. Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates on everything CurveRack.

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